the shawl pin on my bench...

Just a small sneak peak at what I have been working on today...I am supposed to be getting ready for a little farmers market on sunday ( I will blog about that later!)  Instead I got "distracted" by a project that was noodling around in my brain for the last few days. My friend Jennifer, who owns Northeast Fiber Arts
( the most amazing yarn shop in New England...she has yarn made of corn, soy, bamboo,bison fleece !) is doing a big advertising thing with Interweave press this fall. As part of this campaign, she is hostessing a series of give a ways...and I am creating a shawl/sweater pin for her....(sort of a custom design, which I don't do very often) that will be the gift in one of her contests. I went to her shop this week to check out some versions that she already sells. She said to think of it as "sweater jewelry". I have to  admit something about my self here...I have a nick name..yup...its "the nasty knitter"!'s true! see, I am a knitting wanna be. There, I said it!  I WANT to be good at it. I WANT those beautiful wooly things to wear. I WANT to have the coolest arm warmers, chapeau, neck wrap on and have someone say " that is beautiful" and be able to respond "why thanks, I made it myself". Unfortunately, it is not meant to be. For whatever reason, the Gods have not smiled upon me to have an ability in this arena!...I knit one pair of wrist warmers last winter. I just finished them. Why? Because I frogged 'em 7 times!...I am NOT exaggerating here...knitting is the new yoga?...bah! sheesh!...for me, it becomes a vain exercise in counting ( which I can't stand) pattern reading ( don't love that either) and anxiety over the color of wool I have chosen. Hence my nick name...I cannot join a knitting group, or go to many of Jen's knitting events, as any attempts to create with silken wooly stuff results in tears, a-cussin', and attempts to bribe my friend Martha to finish things for me. I even joined RAVELRY a huge website/forum for knitters...I was thinking perhaps something might rub off on me? There are groups to join, from 'etsy knitters', to 'twilight' knitting fans, free patterns, folks showing off their finished projects, people "friending" you. And there lies my lonely little profile, with one pair of mittens completed, and 3 friends ( Martha and Jen being 2 of them!)..I imagine myself one of those women, looking sophisticated and French, sipping a demi-tasse, cool repartee punctuated by the subtle clickety-clack of needles going, making intense eye contact with my companion, while we discuss the latest novel we read...the reality, I suppose, is that I shall have to settle for being the 'embellishment girl' and not the 'cool sweater girl'....sigh.....signing off for now, as I get crabby just thinking about it! 
  So glad it is not sweater season right now, so I can put my angst aside for a bit! :)
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