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Hello friends!...I have missed you!  Its been a long while ( way too long if I say so myself)...summer is most definitely winding down but I have been determined to hang on to her last explosions of colour by sneaking around with my big girl camera to capture whatever still lingers in the garden. I am deeply grateful for these late blooming sisters to keep me company while I work on harvesting what is left  of my herbs.  AND...see my new rig in the photo above!..WOOT!  I bid farewell to my trusty little macbook. She served me well, ( seven years!) and really, owed me nothing....anyways, it is so good to be back....only so much you can accomplish on someone else's rig....:)

I've a few things brewing in my creative life and I promise to let you in on more of that later, but right this very moment, I am going to humbly ask for your support.I am a nominee for the Martha Stewart American Made Awards, and I am asking you, gentle readers and friends for your support! It would mean the world to me and my creative business in terms of helping to keep all of this goodness going!  


You can swing over to my nomination page HERE

  The fun part is that you are allowed to vote up to six times a day, every day, until September 12 !

While you are there, I encourage you to poke around and view the work of others that are up in the different categories...really some incredible work coming out of our wonderful  US of A!  

Ok...I hope you are all squeezing out what is left of the warmer season wherever you are!


xo K

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