to the extent that art imitates nature......

September 25, 2009

Fall in Vermont is something that you just have to see with your own eyes; it cannot be explained...but for 3 or so weeks, it seems the world is being devoured by gentle flames, so as to enable it to go to sleep and be reborn anew. For me, the upcoming holiday season is always my busiest, business wise...but how I love this flamboyant warning that a quieter, more introspective season will be soon upon us. Like a last hurrah of glory, before the trees go to sleep, I am reminded, by the leaves, that the time of nurturing new ideas and paths will be coming soon....during this season, LEAVES are everywhere...and hard to here is my connection to last weeks' photo journal...( more photos of fall to come...I promise!)

It has been said that it was under the shade of the Bohdi tree that Buddah sat quietly and had his first encounter with enlightenment. I created this Bohdi leaf pendant to serve as a reminder of what we all can achieve through practice, patience and focused intention. It is sculptural on both the front and back, so when it flips around, it is a mirror image..( actually, these are 2 separate pendants pictured, so you can see what it looks like from all angles!)

I made myself one of 14 karat recycled rose gold, so it looks more like a 'fall leaf'...I wear it slung on a piece of well-worn leather, my reminder at all moments, that anything is possible....but first, you have to dream it....

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