to the Farmers' market I go.....

I mentioned in my last post that I was off to do a little farmer's market this past week end. Healthy Living, our locally owned and operated version of Whole Foods, is having a Farmer's market the  3rd Sunday of every month this growing season. The amazing thing here is that the wonderful Lesser-Goldsmith family, sells much of the produce that the farmers brought inside their market...the traditional business model would imply that it is nutty to do such a thing, as you might be 'losing' profits, but the building of community is so important to them that they have offered this event regardless, as a "gift to the community" says Eli. Here is my dear friend Michaela's list of why farmers markets are important to our health, and the health of our planet. You can read about the market she and her family have created in South Dakota called Country Road Gardens  In the meantime I offer you:
 10 reasons to support your local farmers market
 1)Local food is fresher  than food shipped from far away and packed with more nutrients
2)Local food keeps dollars in your community and supports your local economy 
3)As it is not shipped from some far off place, local food uses less resources, energy, and fuel to transport to the consumer, thereby lightening YOUR carbon footprint!
4)Farmers often grow more heirloom varieties, preserving diversity of seed stock, and          providing an alternative to mega farming and mono cropping which is the practice of
 factory farming methods
5) You can be sure the things you are purchasing are non-GMO (genetically modified)
6) Increased safety, you know where your food comes from
7) Foods available for purchase have little or no preservatives to maintain their appearance
8) Seasonal harvest...many believe that eating what is available in season enhances health of       both yourself and the earth 
9) Farmers markets empower communities, making them more self reliant and is a part of       creating a more sustainable lifestyle
10)Farmers markets connect us to each other and the life giving  earth in an authentic way....we are not on twitter, facebook, or reading blogs :) but enjoying each others' company, with good   
food, good music, and art!
and speaking of that, the highlight of my day came when a lovely woman approached my tent with a large golden retriever on the end of a pink rhinestoned leash...

Me: "well, hello beautiful, what is your name?"
Woman: " This is April!"
Me: "Hi April, nice to meet you!...looks like you are out for some fun?"
Woman, leaning in, puts her hand around her mouth and WHISPERS: "She is 13 1/2!"
Me: " well, ok, that's great..but why are we whispering?"
Woman: "She tells everybody that she is only 9!"
Me: " honestly April you don't look a day over 8 1/2!  amazing!"

you know we are in trouble when even dogs are lying about their ages!

you don't have to live in a more rural state to reap the benefits of a farmers' market...they exist in big cities from NYC to LA...find them at your local organic farmers' association!

If you are in the area, the next market dates are : July 21,  August 23, and Sept 20 from 9:30-1:30 at Healthy Living market  222 Dorset Street, South Burlington VT
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