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kerin rose, jewelry, wasp nesttmdsites.kerinrose.com I read somewhere once that the quality of one's life is directly affected by what you choose to attend to.(this article )in particular really got me thinking..I have always been way more deeply preoccupied with the mysteries of life than cleaning my room ( those who know me well, can attest to that! ) . I live in a world of curiousity and mystery, definitely not one of the electric bill and car maintenance. I am not saying that I don't take care of this stuff, just as much as the next person, but it's definitely not what I choose to 'attend to'..... As I was photographing these wasp nests (doesn't the  b & w play up the textures so beautifully?) a  woman walked by with her dogs and said " wow! How long has that been there? "... my response... " oh , its been here since last summer ...I was hoping that the starkness of winter would allow me to get a good shot of them..."   One way  of moving throughout the world is not better than the other, they are  just different. Because we can consciously choose what we attend to, we can  have an effect on the quality and depth ( or lack thereof) of our lives. My world  is one of innuendo, metaphor and mystery... perhaps too much at times. I have been this way since I was a little thing, really, but I would not trade it for anything.         For the last year, the winds of change have been whispering in my ear...whispering I say, because I am still not sure exactly what they are saying...when I pay close attention though , I believe I am being asked to honor my feelings of the need to create on a larger scale, simplify aspects of my everyday life, and take stock once again, of my strengths, and find more ways to love my weaknesses. It all still sounds quite amorphous to me in ways...but I am leaning into the winds, hoping that they will ultimately blow me in the direction of some deeper truths.....  I am in a place of simply listening...and attending.... what have you been attending to? wishing you peace and beauty on this gorgeous day...namaste xx K
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