wintering bees

  As I am hunkering down in my studio readying all kinds of last minute things for a December show, my thoughts fly off towards the bees that provide, oh so generously for my work. The bees work incredibly hard all spring and summer making honey. They'll eat it through the summer, fall and our long Vermont winter, where the bees will remain all season. They keep the hive warm inside by huddling around their Queen. They take turns being on the outside of the
'huddle', only leaving for short flights to go to the 'loo'!
  Having lived in parts of the country where the seasons are not expressed in such dramatically different ways, it is interesting to explore this aspect of nature and follow the rhthym of this 'introspective' season...soon there will be space to spend my studio time carving  the ideas that have been floating around in my head, thinking about what I would love to bring out with the new years' burst of creative energy, and following the cycle of the seasons.
  Here is a photo of Michael and the bees in their Ralph Lauren color painted hives....sweet respite my collaborators!...see you in the spring!
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