Kerin Rose Jewelry Frequenty Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions of Kerin Rose Custom Jewelry
What is the best way to figure out my ring size?
We strongly recommend against using online paper or plastic belt style sizers, as these can be inaccurate. Your best bet is to go to a local jeweler for sizing. You can take a ring that fits really well and ask them to tell you the size, have them size you or contact us and we will send you solid plastic sizers with a small deposit, to be refunded in full when you order your ring. Please keep in mind that with wide rings, (like the talisman series, of lotus, dragonfly and te amo) generally folks have to size up ½ to a whole size as the ‘squishy’ part of your finger needs somewhere to go when you bend it. In some instances rings without stones can be sized up ¼ to ½ a size. We can size up some rings WITH stones, but there may be some cost involved, so please contact kerin via e-mail regarding this. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding this we are here to help, and it is our pleasure to work with you to get a comfortable fit!

If an item is sold out, can I still purchase one?
Absolutely it just becomes a ‘made to order’ piece, which means it will take 3-4 weeks to produce, but, good things are worth waiting for, n’est-ce pas? One exception… if apiece says “limited edition” or “ one of a kind”, then yes, when its gone, it’s gone!

Can I get a different chain length?
By all means, yes most of our chains come in the standard 16”, 18”, 20” standard lengths, and the ones we make for our pieces can be made any length. Just contact Kerin, again, via email, and we will make arrangements!

Can I return/exchange my purchases?
All Kerin Rose jewelry can be exchanged for store credit, within 7 days with a return authorization. (Please read policies for more on this). We want you to love your new jewels!

Do you do custom designs?
Yes, time and design requests permitting. If your request is a particular stone,there are times  when stones are not readily available or the stone requested is more expensive than one pictured, so a custom stone would fall under the category of custom work and might involve different pricing.  Custom design work involves a custom quote. We welcome your custom inquiries and will do our best to satisfy your dream!. Please keep in mind that all custom design work is not returnable, so our posted return policy will not apply.

What is recycled/ reclaimed mean?
This means that all of the precious metals I use in my work has not been pulled out of a mine, but comes from melted down and re-alloyed sources such as scrap, jewelry, computer components and the like…they say if we never pulled another ounce of precious metal out of the ground, we would have enough to last for 75 years!

Where do you make this jewelry?
All of my jewelry is created; start to finish in the beautiful green mountains of northern Vermont. Of course, it begins with the bees, which live out in their hives at the edge of a forest nearby, and ends with recycled precious metals being cast in my studio, and sent directly to you!

What is your guarantee?
Kerin rose jewelry is guaranteed for life we hope that when you choose to make a purchase here, it is the beginning of a long relationship. Everything in this shop is a labor of love…from my hands to your heart…

Please feel free at any time to give us a call with any questions you might have!