gorgeously steadfast vine earrings

According to  my trusty thesaurus, synonyms for  'steadfast' are:.committed, loyal, affectionate, ardent, caring, constant, crazyabout, dedicated , faithful, staunch, thoughtful, and true....

To me, being true is the essence of life...know who you are, know where you are headed, know what matters.....and if you have not quite defined these things for yourself, know that its ok...we are all on a path...of our very own mapping....it is that movement..forward, always foward, towards whatever it is...

that matters

to you


these earrings are for the woman who knows her way.



for the heart of the matter

hand carved in beeswax and hand cast in recycled sterling, these vines represent the qualities of having the capability to 'grow where you are planted' on  buildings or in urban areas, or in the tiniest spaces possible. They remain.a beautiful metaphor, of taking the best of any situation we are given, reminding ourselves to stay in a relaxed, flowing, state of mind, and remembering we can take that situation to its highest advantage....any situation makes us capable of such joyous growth..as long as we remain true to ourselves....

approximately 2" outer diameter, they swing from hand wrought french hook style earwires....

let your  gorgeous steadfast vine spirit shine!

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