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Kerin Rose

shining light dragonfly ring

shining light dragonfly ring

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    Shining light dragonfly ring.....

We all could use a little dragonfly energy in our lives. Dragonflies represent and bring to us qualities of light, adaptability, grace and most importantly, transformation. The light of our life-giving sun reflects off their wings, reminding us that we all have the capacity to shine. While in flight, dragonflies can change their direction with more speed and grace than any living thing. Grace. Who could not use a little more of that? Every moment, every breath, holds an opportunity. And that, is as good a reason as any to wear this ring. To remind yourself to shine.
Always. Every day.
Hand carved in high relief beeswax and cast into recycled sterling silver using the ancient method of cire perdue, this dramatic and comfortable ring is approximately 5/8″ wide, tapering to 3/8″ in back.
A dragonfly of your very own.
Solid and substantial.
From my hands, to your heart.


 ++ made to order , please allow up to 3 weeks for creation and delivery and indicate what size...WHOLE SIZES ONLY ..6-9

this design is also available in 18K recycled gold…please inquire for pricing

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