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Kerin Rose

Eden bracelet

Eden bracelet

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eden bracelet

Eden…yes, there is the story about the famous garden, but it is also a figurative word,used when describing a place ( or state of mind!) that fosters a feeling of contentment or peace….our personal paradise! Eden is innocence, bliss, abundance, paradise…it is the garden of our hearts desire, the soil of our deepest dreams, the place where the seeds of our best selves, when tilled lightly, and watered well, will grow…
Some theories place the famous garden in Sri Lanka…others in Missouri ( I am not teasing!..look it up!)
But I think the garden is really in our hearts…

This ID style bracelet features your own personal garden of flowers, a reminder that every day, every moment, we can take ourselves back to that elemental place, of lushness…and growth

Id plaque is approx. 2 1/2″ × 1 1/8"

hand carved in beeswax….cast in recycled sterling silver or 14 K pink gold

garnet bead embellishment on the silver version, leather and sterling “lotta love” button clasp on the gold….

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