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Kerin Rose

el sol y la luna earrings

el sol y la luna earrings

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The sun and the moon, perfect companions, perfect partners…

Hand carved from bees wax and hand cast in eco friendly recycled sterling, the sun/moon combo evokes a pantheistic world, pre-Celtic druids, where forces of nature were worshipped as deities…sun as primary giver of life,and the moon seen as a representation of the earth goddess, these are powerful symbols in many cultures.

Representing the cycles of life, yin/yang energy/the duality of all that is around us, I created these to symbolize the interconnectedness of all living things..

These sterling silver post earrings are 1 1/2" long, and approx. 3/8" at widest point. They feature pear shaped iolite cabochons 5 × 7 mm in size. Iolite, if you are not familiar with this stone is sometimes called ‘poor man’s sapphire" it is a beautiful purplish blue hued semi precious stone (true violet), bezel set and patinaed to perfection!

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