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Kerin Rose

endless bohdi leaf

endless bohdi leaf

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In the Buddhist belief system, it is said that Buddha himself found enlightenment while meditating under the Bohdi tree.

This collection of 5 Bohdi leaves are interspersed randomly along a full 60 inches of sterling silver chain. They have been hand carved from beeswax and are dimensional on both sides, meaning, they flip around and there is no ’back" , there is a leaf no matter which way it lays.

Wrap it around your neck in two equal lengths, or go for the dramatic short up top and the other length down to your navel…either way, this is a beautiful, timeless, piece that wears well mixed with other things you own, or stands alone as a signature style statement.

Bohdi leaves are approx. 1 12/" long x 3/4" at widest point

Necklace is a total of 65" long

recycled eco friendly sterling silver…patinaed to perfection

+++also available w/ one leaf in 14K green or pink gold

please email for pricing
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