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Kerin Rose

Small bronze bird sculptures

Small bronze bird sculptures

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Sacred sparrow messenger birds....sparrows have long been understood to be teachers that awaken the soul...

This is a lovingly hand made set of two sparrows...the fun part is, that no matter how you arrange them, be it on your mantel, a shelf with your other favorite talismans or on your desk, these little beauties will always appear to be discussing something with each other....

I have sculpted them out of the bees wax that is produced by my sisters' hives, and cast them using the ancient lost wax method, or cire perdue.... ( you can learn more about my process at

The larger bird is approx 3.5" tail to beak and 3" tall 
Her smaller companion is approx. 2.5" tail to beak and 2.5" tall

++Please note this price is for a set of 2 are welcome to purchase more if you would like a larger flock...these can be made to order..please convo me for pricing
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