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Kerin Rose

small revolution circle earrings

small revolution circle earrings

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 Small revolution earrings.....

Sometimes you need a small revolution. Not the shave-my-head-get-a-tattoo-move-to-the-other-coast-and-live-in-a-yurt, kind. But more like a shift in perspective. A softening of the heart towards someone or a something that seems immutable. A new perspective on a problem that appears unsolvable. A change of routine that suddenly breathes new life into a space that you fear might be forever stagnant….

We have all been there. Standing on the precipice between what is and what could be, and knowing in our heart of hearts, that we can know better, be better and then, in turn do better….

I offer you my small revolution circle earrings.  For those days when you are not desiring to turn your world inside out, but simply find grace with what you have…its about gratitude, appreciation, open heartedness and flow. Loosening up on the reins just enough to make space for a small revolution….

These circles begin as hand carved beeswax, are a perfect 3/4 inch in diameter and are dotted with little dewdrops that sparkle  and spangle as you swing your head. Hanging from French ear wires, I am betting these will quickly become your ‘go to’ earrings for sure…..

They are a reminder that every trip around the sun brings a new opportunity to write your story. Every day brings with it an opportunity for a small revolution.


Handcrafted start to finish of 100% eco friendly precious metals,

In this case sterling silver….gold is available by special order

Forever jewels from my hands and heart, to embellish your soul.


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