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Kerin Rose

sun moon and stars necklace...

sun moon and stars necklace...

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The sun, the moon and the stars, hand carved from beeswax and hand cast into recycled eco friendly sterling silver....a celestial tea party of sorts, and all are invited! 

Sun, moon and star gathered together combines the universal masculine and feminine, yin and yang: together, they represent balance, the cycle of life, all that we hold dear, as without the sun, every living thing would perish. As a foil to the sun's power, the moon represents the feeling side of human nature. The moon's gravitational pull  governs  water...again, without which, there would not be life..

And the stars...not truly considered deities, but they too hold meanings, and we have always used them to navigate our way out of some cultures they can be considered symbolic of goodness and truth....I like to think of them as the sun and the moon's children....

A powerful pendant, not for the faint of heart....

The sun medallion is approximately 1 1/4" in diameter, and there are 2 shooting stars carved in relief on the back. The moon is engraved with swirls front and back and is approx. 1/14" long. The collective swings 2 1/2" down from an 18" patinaed 2 mm diameter wheat chain.

******These are for PRE-ORDER. Pendants will begin shipping as of April 13th and continue as they are produced by hand in a one of a kind manner!

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