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Kerin Rose

The Sacred Feminine Bracelet

The Sacred Feminine Bracelet

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This bracelet has been brewing in my heart for the longest time…and finally it has come to fruition…it is for a woman who makes a committed choice to surround herself with light....the centerpiece is a bird of paradise flower, which symbolizes so many things…freedom, joy, postitive perspective on life, faith. Without question, it is a flower of unique and rare beauty…so, this cuff is a portrait of sorts. A portrait of a woman who lives life in the full-blown voluptuous way that we are all moving towards…beauty and joy of the most soulful kind, she possesses the kind of beauty that radiates from the inside out….


Her companions on this life journey are the Luna moth, feminine alter ego to the butterfly. A lightseeker, she looks for glowing sources of warmth to lay her wings near.  And,what emblem of the sacred feminine would be complete without the Mother Moon and ocean, the deeply connected soulmates….moon represents the intuitive side that all of us, with the ocean  symbolizing vastness, mystery, depth that lies within us all. I believe we all have so much untapped power and strength in ourselves….and wanted deeply to create a reminder….for all women, of who we are…

Hand carved in beeswax, and hand cast in 100% recycled sterling silver, this bracelet is weighty and substantial on the wrist. 

2” high  and 7” long with a toggle closure, unlike other cuffs,  it  will flex and move as you do.


Forever jewels from my hands and heart, to embellish your soul.











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